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GROSS BLOG AHEAD. I draw plenty of body horror!

I'm an art dork attending SCAD to study comics. I love dogs, candymaking, sewing toys, nerd-ass tabletop games, and disgusting oozy monsters! I'm way too much of a perfectionist and stress if things aren't exactly on plan, but hey, we all got stuff to work on.

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A long-uncompleted art collab with my pal Shaw! We did the sketch ages ago—she did the character on the left, I did the one on the right—and then promptly became too busy to work on it. The original plan was to have one of us ink and the other color, but I really wanted to practice painting again. ;w; This was super fun! And Shaw’s bunnygirl was frickin’ awesome to color, dang.

I also changed the sketch a little, because dangit it’s summer and I wanna celebrate it with cute bikinis

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