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I'm an art dork attending SCAD to study comics. I love dogs, candymaking, sewing toys, nerd-ass tabletop games, and disgusting oozy monsters! I'm way too much of a perfectionist and stress if things aren't exactly on plan, but hey, we all got stuff to work on.

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New hair! First time cutting it myself, and first time dying it blue. Wowzers. Turned out pretty good, if you can look past the awkward selfies.

Also the first time my face has been on the internet, I think.

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    what lovely hair *u*
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  4. jynxie said: Awww! You’re adorable! also, NICE color job! I need to learn how to do this myself so I stop spending as much money at the salon-ish place. lD I’m guessing it’s a bit easier to do with shorter hair compared to near-ridiculously long.
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    Wow, very nice! Also, this… is pretty much the exact color gradation I have been planning on trying to achieve as soon...
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    That is some awesome hair!
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