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I'm an art dork attending SCAD to study comics. I love dogs, candymaking, sewing toys, nerd-ass tabletop games, and disgusting oozy monsters! I'm way too much of a perfectionist and stress if things aren't exactly on plan, but hey, we all got stuff to work on.

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There’s this ghost book thing that asked for entries a while ago, and I’ve been mulling this over ever since. You would not believe how many compositions I had to grind through before I hit on something that wasn’t a) totally boring, b) front-facing (like so many pieces I’ve done recently), or c) completely borked up. Eventually I hit this one, threw some colors on, and it feels pretty good! 

I might not submit this to the project, but I do intend to finish it anyway.

SPEAKING OF WHICH: if anyone feels in a critique-y mood, go ahead and rip this down! It feels like it could be missing something. 

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  3. maskdt said: I think the green one is stronger. Things stand out a bit more, whereas the blue seems a bit muddy in places. The composition is good, and I think going with a painterly style for the ghosts themselves was a very good idea.
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