Why would you think it’s a good idea to give your wendigo character pink hair have them not eat people? Or have your skinwalker’s beast form just be a pair of horns and cat ears? Or make them a green-haired goth pirate hooker?

Not that dA is devoid of any decent monster art (there’s plenty of good stuff) or that those ideas couldn’t be execute well but HONESTLY. Did you people even read the legends or did you learn everything you knew from Monster High OCs?

so have a dumb comic to commemorate my dismay

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    Guy Davis knows how to draw a Wendigo proper.
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    Okay, see, I like YOUR wendigos. They look like they could really ruin someone’s day. I suppose I was irritated less by...
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    Just wait, in a few years once they’ve run vampires, zombies and ghosts into the ground, we’ll be getting books and tv...
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    I made two wendigo designs some time ago: I need to try again later or at least tweak these two, hahaha. Oh, deviantART....
  13. crocodillium said: Reason One Hundred Billion why I am no longer on DeviantArt. I can’t live with these things okay, I just can’t.
  14. sleepersharks said: You can have a lot of fun (in a painful way) by searching any of your characters’ names on dA, let alone types of monsters. There are some pretty hilarious kawaii sparkly bishie ukes named Johann, let me tell ya.